Profitable investment for Sport fields

The smartest investment for your sport surfaces

By choosing FieldTurf, you are not only making the decision to trust the worldwide leader in artificial turf surfaces, you are also making a smart investment for your community. Indeed, investing in a FieldTurf pitch is going to help you save money and increase safety for players. 

Artificial Turf: a better value

For a similar performance to the very best natural grass surface, an artificial turf pitch will help you save on many costs compared to a natural grass pitch. With a FieldTurf pitch, you can:

  • Use a field for more hours per day with no field recovery time needed
  • Use a field all year long
  • Use a field in almost any type of weather
  • Rent out the use of the field to generate revenue
  • Save on maintenance costs such as re-sodding, watering and mowing
  • Save on harmful chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides

Over a 10 year span, a natural grass pitch represents a 92% more expensive investment than a FieldTurf surface.

(Source: FieldTurf’s internal analysis of costs calculated over 10 years)

Longer lasting for your synthetic fields

Our top-of-the-line installations techniques and materials enable FieldTurf to build pitches which last longer, offer consistent performance characteristics and help reducing maintenance requirements.

Durability lies in 2 major factors:

  • A quality fibre that comes from the exclusive PPG model and longer extrusion lines which enable FieldTurf to produce highly-resistant fibres.
  • A heavyweight infill has its fair share to play in the durability of our fields. FieldTurf’s expertise reduces your maintenance, protects your turf fibres and keeps safety and performance of the field constant over the life of the field.

Today, FieldTurf has over 500 fields that have lasted eight years or more. And the proven durability of our pitches allows us to proudly claim that you will obtain the best value from an artificial turf field when you choose FieldTurf.

A safer surface for sports

While no sport can ever be completely injury-free, we continue to find new ways to reduce the risk and severity of injuries. Our focus on safety has led to numerous injury-reducing innovations and improvements. As a result, we have the products and experience to help you provide the safest playing field possible for your athletes.

Different independent studies showed that when compared to natural grass, the FieldTurf systems lead to:

  • 74% Fewer Muscle Tears
  • 45% Less Time Lost to Long-Term Injuries (Lasting 22+ Days)
  • 42% Lower ACL Trauma
  • 35% Less Time Lost to Short-Term Injuries (Lasting 1-2 Days)
  • 32% Fewer Ligament Tears
  • 22% Fewer Severe Injuries

With FieldTurf’s philosophy of continuous improvement of our products, we will continue developing safer systems for optimal sports performances.

(Source: independent studies led by Dr. Michael Meyers and conducted on high school and college sports in the USA)

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