Manufacturing artifical turf fiber

Manufacturing Excellence in artificial turf

For FieldTurf, being a global leader is an everyday challenge and we work hard to maintain our reputation. To ensure quality at the highest level, we have invested heavily in modernizing our plants with the latest fibre manufacturing, coating and tufting technologies along with top manufacturing talent. As a result, we are one of the most vertically integrated companies in the industry, mastering each step of the production process.

During the manufacturing process there are three aspects to turf construction – Fibre Production, Tufting, and Coating. We control all three aspects of the value chain. Nothing is left to a third party. Nothing is left to chance. This provides you with a level of quality assurance that simply cannot be matched.

Fibre Production

Our fibres are produced at our very own facility in Germany. This state-of-the art facility was opened in 2010 and uses exclusive extrusion technology, used only by FieldTurf. It allows FieldTurf to produce the best fibres in the world. Extensive quality control processes are in place at the facility to conduct stringent testing of the yarn properties (tensile strength, uniformity, color verification).

PPG technology

The ultimate benefit to FieldTurf’s fibre extrusion investment.

  • Polymer: each fibre has a unique polymer formulation which creates a fibre that is more resistant to wear.
  • Process: the process which has an extended “healing” time at the moment of extrusion significantly reduces the degradation of the fibre.
  • Geometry: the unique geometry of each of FieldTurf’s fibres was specially designed to outlast all other fibres on the market.

Tufting and Coating

Once the fibre is produced, it is ready for tufting and coating which takes place in one of our three European plants: Auchel (France), Sant Cugat del Vallés (Spain) and Backa Palancka (Serbia). These facilities give us unmatched know-how with a talented workforce representing over 300+ cumulated years of experience in the artificial turf industry. With another facility located in Calhoun (USA), FieldTurf has an unequalled manufacturing potential of over 12 million square meters per year. 

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