Fiber Performance Index

Understanding Labosport's Fiber Performance Index

Labosport, the worldwide leader in sport surface certification, has launched the Fiber Performance Index (FPI) – the first true measurement of fiber quality. FPI establishes an “index” – the rating or score of an artificial turf fiber, to help prospective turf buyers understand and weigh the individual qualities of a turf fiber.

How does it work? Why is FPI important for your project? We help you understand the science behind FPI to allow you to select the fiber that is right for you.

It’s important to remember that the choice of fiber is one of many important decisions you will need to make when building your dream artificial turf field. Infill, backing, drainage, and construction are all important elements that play a vital role in the end quality of your playing surface.


FPI was carefully designed by Labosport to quantify the 3 key aspects of a fiber that are most important to those purchasing a sports field:

Durability: Measured by UV exposure and fiber wear resistance.

Resilience: Measured by the recovery of the fiber after compression.

Softness: Measured by the softness or feel of the fiber.

These key aspects are measured by 4 specific tests:

TEAR - Measuring a fiber’s cross tenacity – a key indicator of fiber durability. This test is commonly used by the plastics industry for quality control purposes.

RECOVERY - Measuring fiber resilience after an exhaustive 6,000 cycle compression test. This test uses specially designed equipment to reproduce athletes running on a field.

UV - Measuring a fiber’s resistance to UV exposure. This test is designed to match the most demanding standards in force in this domain.

FEEL - Measuring a fiber’s softness using an innovative method from the consumer goods industry. This test is conducted by qualified technicians, whose results are then processed through a statistical model to ensure repeatability and accuracy.


Each fiber is measured according to these tests and then graded on a scale of 1 – 100 in each category. The result is a final FPI, the Fiber Performance Index, which describes the overall fiber quality.


When you’re evaluating the right fiber for your field, break through the marketing clutter and trust the science, rely on Labosport’s Fiber Performance Index.


Regardless of your needs, FieldTurf not only has the right fiber, but more importantly the right system. Ask us for our FPI scores! Reach out to our FieldTurf experts Here.

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