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A philosophy of innovation

Over two decades of innovation have led to the development of the safe and reliable FieldTurf system. What started with our invention of long pile, infilled artificial turf has continued with numerous industry-changing innovations. FieldTurf has introduced engineered products that are tailor-made for each segment of the business and owns more than 200 patents that protect the company’s product offering for sporting and non-sporting applications.

All of FieldTurf’s systems are tested using the latest equipment in the FieldTurf Innovation and Performance Center (FIPC). Located at the company’s headquarters, the FIPC ensures that any and all of FieldTurf’s existing and new systems set superior standards for performance in their respective classes.

The state-of-the-art facility is one of, if not the most advanced research laboratory in the industry. FieldTurf’s development focuses on delivering safe, durable, and high performance turf systems with great value. The FIPC helps ensure that these objectives are being met.

One of the best illustrations of FieldTurf’s philosophy of innovation is showcased in the Optimum 63 Patented system. We developed a very high-performance system by acting on, and developing different components that all actively contribute to performance, comfort and security.

·         The Optimum fibre and its exclusive geometry enable a high level of durability and resistance to usage and weather conditions, while constantly maintain a natural look.

·         A 3-layer system made up of sand, a patented mix of sand and SBR and a top layer of cryogenic SBR offer an optimized stability of the pitch.

·         A patented process of carpet finger-coating ensures a great resistance of the backing and allows the turf carpet to be 40% porous, offering one of the best rain drainage rates in the industry.

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