Artificial Turf US Football / Baseball

** Over 20 NFL teams (American Football) play and or practice on FieldTurf's artificial grass fields.

** Voted top artificial turf surface by the NFLPA for 10 consecutive years

** 2009 World Baseball Classic played on FieldTurf surfacing systems.


Fieldturf rated best artificial turf surface by NFL - US Football
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FieldTurf artificial turf: The #1 choice of American Football and Baseball professional players

Even if US football and baseball are much more popular in North America, FieldTurf has also installed artificial turf pitches in Europe. With unmatched experience of close collaborations with athletes, FieldTurf has succeeded in developing systems that received the recognition from the top-level players and teams of these sports.

For football, FieldTurf has redefined how the game is played on the gridiron and players  have embraced the efforts made to enhance the game. Several Super Bowl games were played on FieldTurf pitches and FieldTurf is today considered the best synthetic turf manufacturer by athletes.

"I like it (FieldTurf) a lot… just because the footing is so good and you can really push off and drive the ball, and the receivers can really cut well. I think everybody really likes the surface." Tom Brady – QB, New England Patriots

(source: NFL PA)

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Colleges & Universities School Districts City & Private Projects
Boise State University, ID Barron Collier High School, FL Atlanta Falcons
Princeton University, NJ Bellevue High School, WA Detroit Lions
Rutgers University, NJ Detroit Country Day School, MI Indianapolis Colts
San Jose State University, CA Jefferson City High School, MO New England Patriots
University of Mississippi, MS Munster High School, IN New York Giants & Jets
University of Nebraska, NE Pelham High School, AL Carson Park, WI
University of Nevade-Reno, NV Putnam City High School, OK Fairland Regional Park, MD
University of North Carolina, NC St. Thomas Aquinas High School, FL Joe Brown Park, LA
U.S. Military Academy, NY West Des Moines Valley High School, IA Lutherville Seminary Park, MD
Washington State University, WA West Jefferson High School, LA Massapequa Burns Park, NY