Artificial Turf Multisports

** Multi-purpose complexes and Multisports synthetic turf fields

** Withstands high use and wear

** Sport surfaces ideal for local club leagues and recreational play


Multisports playground FieldTurf
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Multi-purpose and sustainable synthetic grass fields

As people passionate about sport, we, at FieldTurf, know that sports can be played anywhere and at anytime. To make sure that children and athletes can enjoy safe and top-level sport surfaces, we developed artificial turf products dedicated for multi-sports applications.

Designed to be extremely resistant to high usage and the use of flat shoes, FieldTurf’s synthetic grass products improve community life and the value of surrounding properties, while providing municipalities with solutions to maximize the output of recreational installations and parks.

FieldTurf Multicurl  FieldTurf Classic HD  FieldTurf Optimum RGF
Blau Gelb - Frankfurt, Germany Complexe Multisport - Laval, France Décathlon multisports - Cholet, France
Multisports La Hourre - Auch, France Multisports Quartier Gabelle - Frejus, France Hockey field - Cleebronn, Germany
Multisports Stade de Bagnolet - Paris, France Toropark terrain de paintball - Houpeville, France Bildungszentrum Markdorf - Markdorf, Germany
Mehrzweckspielfeld - Traun, Austria Sportanlage Obere Felderstrasse - Gemmrigheim, Germany Multisports - La Roche sur Yon, France
Multisport - Utrecht, Netherlands Plateau multisports Duhamel - Arpajon, France Terrain multisports rue de Turquie - Le Mans, France
Multisport Corsi - Aix en Provence, France Terrain Multisports - Annecy, France 2 multisports Résiper - Malakoff, France
Multisports - Puteaux, France Sportplatz Ahmsen - Bad Salzuflen, Germany Sportplatz Stadtheide - Bielefeld, Germany
Gemeinschaftsgrundschule - Mönchengladbach, Germany Plateau Multisports - Aubervilliers, France Sportplatz Essen - Essen, Germany
Bürgerpark Thingers - Kempten, Germany Sportplatz Herne Horsthausen - Herne, Germany Multisport - Rueil Malmaison, France
Multisports Teenzone - Gonfreville L'orcher, France Multisports - Bischheim, France