FieldTurf Vertex RGF

** Highest level of certifications for football and rugby

** Unique combination of fibres in each stitch provides best performance

** Field aesthetics and reduction of infill splash

Artificial Turf FieldTurf Vertex RGF
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In order to improve performance but also play comfort, FieldTurf developed the Vertex RGF system. This high performance artificial turf system has various applications and can be used for football, football indoor or rugby both in competition and training. The genius of Vertex RGF lies in its combination of 2 state-of-the-art yarns. It features 6 FieldTurf Optimum fibres, tufted with 1 slim-film fibre, to create a turf system that combines the best properties of each.

- An exceptional resilience due to a unique polymer who delivers a fibre that keeps standing to deliver continued high performance over time

- The design of the Optimum fibre makes it one of the best fibre available in the industry, the fiber make the system as one of the most resistant for sport practice.

- Optimum’s curved, multiridged design makes the synthetic field look like natural grass

- The structure of the slim-film fibre selected for Vertex RGF makes it very long-lasting

- The durability of Vertex has been proven in numerous Lisport Tests

- Fibrillation of the slit-film allows proper infill encapsulation for reduced splash along with increased player comfort

Fibre Infill options Sub-layer options
Geometry: Ridged concave monofilament & Pre fibrillated straight yarn 2-layer infill: In situ elastic layers (PU)
Fibre heights: 42 – 60 – 65 mm Bottom layer: silica sand Prefabricated shockpads
Various tufting options are available for more flexibility (density, gauge etc.) Top layer: ambient SBR, coated SBR (coloured), Cryo, Purefill Drainage sub-layers
3-layer infill:
Bottom layer: silica sand
Middle layer: mix of cryogenic rubber and silica sand
Top layer: cryogenic rubber, PureFill