Prestige XTR

The XTR system features a slit-film fibre that has been designed to be a very reliable solution in terms of slit-film durability and softness, coupled with a 2-layer infill system of SBR Rubber and Silica Sand to provide a proper cushion.

Artificial Turf Prestige XTR
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The XTR fibre was designed to serve objectives of high durability and a good infill encapsulation.  The XTR fibre is a thick yarn with less cuts made to the fibre in the manufacturing process so that it can withstand very heavy usage and still deliver the performance you expect from a FieldTurf field. In addition, XTR systems successfully passed UV testings, making this solution a very good option for indoor projects.

  • Less cuts and proper manufacturing process of the XTR fibre allows for outstanding resilience and infill encapsulation
  • Excellent combination if softness, shock absorption & durability
  • Various applications:
    • Football
    • Multi-sport platforms
    • Minifoot
Fibre Infill options
Geometry : linked monofilament 2-layer infill :
Thickness : 100 Microns Bottom layer : Silica Sand
Top layer: SBR rubber 
Fibre heights : 40 mm,50 mm, 60mm & 65mm 3-layer infill :
Various tufting options are available for more flexibility (density) Bottom layer: silica sand 
Middle layer: SBR rubber 
Top layer: TPE
Football indoor - Montricoux, France St Ambrose High School - Coatbridge, England Caldervale High School - Airdrie, England
Fun indoor - Fontaine le Comte, France Stade du Coliseum - Amiens, France  Stade El Hacimia - Wilaya de Bouira, Algeria
Soccerhalle - Halle, Germany  Al Firas - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Filderstadt-Bonlanden, Germany
Transwicon GmbH - Lübeck, Germany Coltness High School - Wishaw,  England BV Fussballhalle - Merzenich, Germany 
Soccer Treff Köln-Pesch - Köln, Germany Calderhead High School - Shotts, England BV Fusballhalle - Halle, Germany