FieldTurf PureFill

** The high performance organic solution for artificial turf

** 100% recyclable solution

** FIFA 2 STAR certified

Artificial Turf FieldTurf Purefill
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Responding to the demands of clients with specific needs, FieldTurf is proud to introduce the PureFill Series - a line of artificial grass products infilled with organic cork granules and sand to deliver the same high performance benefits that our systems have become known for. FieldTurf PureFill is the high-performance organic solution you need.

What PureFill artificial turf brings to you:

  • The ultimate organic solution: when tested, cork appeared to be superior in all major categories as it relates to the environment, safety, performance, and durability.
  • A 100% natural product: completely recyclable and sustainable product that is harvested from the cork oak tree every nine years, without harming the trees.
  • A significant heat reduction: cork’s low thermal conductivity due to its natural structure will maintain the turf cooler up to 20 degrees.
  • A resilient infill with excellent shock absorption capacity: PureFill systems all exude excellent shock absorptions properties, having met or exceeded industry standards for immediate and long-term player safety
  • Fire resistance: independent test reports have shown that PureFill systems have fire resistant properties thanks to its Suberin component. It does also not release any toxic substance when burnt.

PureFill series exist in 2-layer and 3-layer systems and can be used with the state-of-the-art FieldTurf fibres like Optimum, FieldTurf 360 and Classic HD.

In the 2-layer systems, a top layer of PureFill cork coupled with an underpad gives your field ideal shock absorption in addition to high performance playability for multi-purpose applications.

FieldTurf’s patented 3 layer infill system is also available with PureFill cork as the performance portion of the infill – a base layer of sand for ballast, a middle layer of silica sand/PureFill cork, and a top layer of PureFill cork grains. The secret behind the safety and playability of FieldTurf is the patented infill system – and that remains true even with cork infill used in place of SBR rubber

Fibres Infill Options Shockpad options
FieldTurf Optimum 2-layer infill In situ
FieldTurf 360 Bottom layer: silica sand  Prefabricated 
FieldTurf XM6 Top layer: cork
3-layer infill Certifications
Bottom layer: silica sand  FIFA 2 Star
Middle layer: mix sand-cryo SBR or sand-cork IRB
Top layer: cork EN 15 330-1
Amsterdam - Ajax Arena - Netherlands Georgsmarienhütte - Sportplatz Kloster Oesede - Germany Bagheria - Campo di Santa Flavia - Italy 
Den Haag - SV Wateringseveld - Netherlands Rimini - Campo Miramare - Italy  Ovada - Ovada Campo - Italy
Dortmund - Signal Iduna Park - Germany