FieldTurf Optimum

Launched in 2011, the FieldTurf Optimum fibre is the result of innovative science, engineering and technology that will provide FieldTurf customers with a soft, strong monofilament fibre with extraordinary durability and longevity.  This high-performance fibre is a good illustration of continuous improvement that FieldTurf puts into artificial turf product development in its plant in Germany.

With over 200 references fields installed worldwide and as much satisfied customers, FieldTurf Optimum systems offer a wide range of turf solutions, adapted to specific needs, from community fields to professional stadiums.

Artificial Turf FieldTurf Optimum
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Among the large panel of products part of the Optimum range, FieldTurf has combined the best technologies in its top system: FieldTurf Optimum 63 Patented. This high-end system combines FieldTurf’s Optimum exclusive fibre, 3-layer patented infill, finger-coated backing and sewn seams, for higher resistance, performance, and durability.

Why choosing FieldTurf Optimum

  • Performance and resistance at their finest
    • An exclusive, specifically-engineered polymer, for playing comfort and increased safety for the player.
    • A state-of-the-art extrusion process, to maintain the durability properties of each fibre.
    • A unique, concave and ridged shape, for a natural look and softness.
  • The different options in the Optimum range provide the required flexibility for designing the high-performance sports surface you need.  
    • Over 200 references in the world of artificial turf sport fields including many FIFA 1 and 2-STAR certified pitched
  • Applications
    • Football : for competition and practice
    • Rugby
    • School
                                     Fibre                                   Infill options                              Sub-layer options
Geometry : Ridged concave monofilament 2-layer infill : In situ elastic layers (PU)
Fibre heights: 42, 50, 60, 63, 65 mm Bottom layer: silica sand Prefabricated shockpads
Various tufting options are available for more flexibility (density, gauge etc.) Top layer: ambient SBR, coated SBR (coloured), TPE, Purefill  Drainage sub-layers
3-layer infill :
Bottom layer: silica sand
Middle layer: mix of cryogenic rubber and silica sand 
Top layer: cryogenic rubber, PureFill 
Sportanlage Flühli - Winterthur, Switzerland NY Red Bulls training Facility - New-York, USA Sport complex de Toekomst - Amsterdam Zuitdoost, Netherlands
FC Siedlinghausen - Winterberg, Germany  Trainingzentrum RB Leipzig - Leipzig, Germany Saint-Etienne - France
Sportplatz Meierwiesen - Wetzikon, Switzerland  Cristal Arena - Genk, Belgium Stade Wagner - Sèvres, France
Mechelen, Sporting Mechelen - Liège, Belgium Capaccio - Italy Stade CRPESM Ben Aknoun -Alger, Algeria 
Sport und Freizeitpark - Königsbrunn, Germany Trainingzentrum Elsterweg - Wolfsburg, Germany CST de la Gaillette, RC Lens - Avion, France 
Sportpark - Neu-Isenburg, Germany Idrottspark - Motala, Sweden Stade d'honneur Jean Bouin - Savigny le Temple, France
Stjarnan Football Club - Gardabaer, Iceland Sportplatz TuS Hohenecken - Kaiserslautern, Germany Main pitch, Woodley FC - Woodley Stockport, England
Oystese IL - Oystese, Norway Stade Penninck - Beuvrages, France Soccer City - Mayfield, Scotland
Oasis Academy - Oldham, England Sportplatz SV Kutenhausen - Minden, Germany Plaine de Jeux Réné Valmy - Tarbes, France
Johnstone High - Johnstone, England  Palermo - Italy Stade Maurice Fouque - Caen, France