FieldTurf Multicurl

The MultiCurl range is designed to meet the various needs of municipalities for sporting fields. This artificial turf is the perfect solution for large multi-sport facilities, schools and mixed-use hockey and football fields.

The high-temperature texturizing process gives the MultiCurl fibre specific resistance characteristics, especially when in frequent contact with flat-soled shoes. With its curled texture, the field does not require as much brushing and makes maintenance easier.

Artificial Turf FieldTurf Multicurl
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The textured MultiCurl monofilament fibre has been developed by FieldTurf experts of synthetic turf in order to combine good resistance and natural appearance, while offering high performance and playing comfort. Its specific design makes it convenient and easy to maintain.

  • Resistance: The high temperature texturizing process gives the MultiCurl fibre excellent resistance, especially when in frequent contact with flat-soled shoes.
  • Easily maintained: With its “curled” texture, the pitch does not need require as frequent brushing.
  • Multi-use: the perfect solution for multiple application without any compromise on quality. Indeed, FieldTurf’s MultiCurl systems meet the stringent performance requirements of both the FIFA and the FIH.


  • Sporting surfaces for multiple applications
  • Football & hockey mixed-use fields
  • Indoor small football fields
Fibre Infill options Sub-layer options
Geometry: Textured monofilament 2-layer infill: In situ elastic layers (PU)
Microns: 185 Bottom layer: silica sand Prefabricated shockpads
Fibre heights: 38 mm (28 mm for the texturized fibre) Top layer: ambient SBR, TPE (fire retardant)
Various tufting options are available for more flexibility (density, gauge etc.)
Blau Gelb - Frankfurt, Germany Terrain de Paintball Toropark - Houpeville, France Gemeinschaftsgrundschule - Mönchengladbach, Germany 
Sportplatz Herne Horsthausen - Herne, Germany Sportanlage Obere Felderstrasse - Gemmrigheim, Germany Bürgerpark Thingers - Kempten, Germany
Sportplatz Stadtheide - Bielefeld, Germany Multisport - Utrecht, Netherlands  Bildungszentrum Markdorf - Markdorf, Germany
Mehrzweckspielfeld - Traun, Austria Sportplatz Ahmsen - Bad Salzuflen, Germany Gemeinschaftsgrundschule Regenstr. - Mönchengladbach, Germany