FieldTurf 360XL

** Artificial turf with highest level of certifications for football and rugby

** Excellent resilience which allows a natural and controlled ball roll on the long term

** Tested on a Lisport wear machine, 360XL yarns can remain intact after 180 000 cycles

Artificial Turf FieldTurf 360XL
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Increased thickness. Increased durability. Athlete Friendly. Beautiful looking. Our very own fibre engineers have done it again. We’ve taken our successful FieldTurf 360 yarn and made it even better – increasing its thickness and width – giving it a 15 600 dtex.

- Artificial turf at its finest, a 100%-PE fibre made up from a unique polymer specifically designed for artificial turf, that gets its unequalled properties from extremely well designed molecular chains

- Long lasting fibre, the 360μ-thick-diamondshape geometry provides an unmatched durability Tested on a Lisport wear machine, it can remain intact after 180 000 cycles and still meets the standards of FIFA 1 star system after 40 000 Lisport cycles

- State-of-the-art resilience, It’s soft and comfortable for the athlete, but also ideal for long term ball roll and longevity

- Stunning look, the new FieldTurf 360XL yarn will give to the field a beautiful and natural grass-like look thanks to its geometry, as well as reduced infill dispersion

Every client has different needs and FieldTurf 360 XL is customizable to your specific requirements with varying pile heights, densities, and shock pad options to meet various football, rugby and multi-sport criteria.

Fibre Infill options Sub-layer options
Geometry : Notched diamond shaped monofilament 2-layer infill: In situ elastic layers (PU)
Microns: 360 Bottom Layer: silica sand Prefabricated shockpads
Fibre heights: 42 & 60 mm Top layer: ambient SBR, coated SBR (coloured), TPE
Various tufting options are available for more flexibility (density)