Kipstadium FieldTurf artificial pitches for indoor and outdoor sports

FieldTurf installs various surfaces for Decathlon's new Kipstadium, France

A vast multi-sports complex inaugurated on March 10 near Roubaix and Tourcoing, Northern France, is now offering to public an impressive range of fields installed by FieldTurf.

The grand Kipstadium opened its doors to all sports clubs, schools and to every citizen of the North. The facility is conceived as a worldwide headquarters of Kipsta, a team sports brand of the Decathlon portfolio’s enjoying wide popularity among sport enthusiasts.

Rehabilitating the local historical patrimony, the complex, which features 45 000 square meters of indoor and outdoor sports surfaces, represents an incomparable facility in the region aiming to accommodate 300 000 visitors over the first year, and promotes innovativeness and cooperation through the diverse activities proposed. The state-of-the-art fields correspond to a major demand for sports surfaces for practicing the wide variety of team sports: football, rugby, American football, field hockey, to name a few.

FieldTurf has ensured the sportsmen and amateurs are provided with the fields of the utmost quality and comfort and installed nine outdoor and indoor pitches dedicated to football as well as rugby and American football. The artificial turfs of the latest generation used for Kipstadium’s flooring have been designed by FieldTurf to achieve the unrivaled durability, safety and convenience.

The continuous technical developments in yarn and infill production result in a full range of comfortable and secure sports fields complying with the requirements of both local and international certification authorities. For Kipstadium’s different pitches, the turf systems were selected to mostly correspond to the specifics of the sports and location.

FieldTurf Optimum RGF, having already proved its exceptional performance and durability characteristics, is hosting Kipstadium’s football, rugby and American football players. The turf system boasts high density essential to flawless performance and the resilience of the professional surfaces. The use of two yarns, the elite Optimum fibre combined to a fibrillated yarn, allows to associate the technological advantages of each material and achieve unmatched characteristics in terms of longevity and aesthetics, as well as improve infill encapsulation.

Ecozone Classic HD was installed for indoor and outdoor five-a-side football. It is the masterful combination of two FieldTurf’s fibers. The Classic HD fibrillated yarn brings both strength and softness. The smoothness and flexibility guarantee the maximum comfort as well as the durability of the installation. The thatch fibre is made up of recycled polyester and completes the system to bolster the performance under different conditions without using the infill.

FieldTurf Hockey Gold is an elite sand-dressed product addressing the professional field hockey sites. It brings a uniform surface for optimal ball roll and performance. The pitches ensure a fast-paced surface and accuracy in passing during the game throughout the years.

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FieldTurf is the world’s leading company in artificial turf innovation with more than 7,000 sports field customers across the globe. FieldTurf belongs to Tarkett Sports, the sports division of the Tarkett Group. The company established its range of synthetic turf products designed for football, rugby, and hockey at all levels of the game. The company also supplies for landscaping and has a complete range of tennis and golf surfaces.

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