Artificial Turf FieldTurf Chinohills - USA

Chinohills - USA

  • Location: Chino Hills, California (USA)
  • Sport: Football, Soccer, Baseball
  • Size: 42.000 sqm (total)
  • Surface: FieldTurf Monofilament
  • Installed in: 2006

Chino Hills Community Park complex is one of the most dynamic of its kind in the United States. Consisting of 6 total fields, the facility has tremendous flexibility based on the number of artificial turf sports fields it offers and the amount of players and games it host simultaneously. This scenic venue is located in the heart of Chino Hills, a region in Southern California, and demonstrates the capabilities FieldTurf has in transforming a community and providing it with top notch athletic amenities. The park hosts league play for kids all ages, and is open for the general public to play and have fun. With FieldTurf, these kids in the community are playing on the same surface college teams play on, and even the pros. The foundation of sport is built on the playground, and FieldTurf is right in the thick of the development.

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